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Advanced Dental Treatments for Children

Kids’ Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, or caps, are a treatment option for children when it is determined by your dentist that a filling will not be adequate to restore a decayed or compromised tooth. Dental crowns for baby teeth are made of stainless steel and are pre-fabricated so that a child can get fitted for one on the same day as their dentist appointment. If the affected tooth is one of the front teeth, the dentist will use a silver cap that has a tooth colored facing.

Crowns are used on teeth where a filling might either fall out or not be effective due to incidence or extent of decay. Dental caps for kids are a great option when the infected tooth is structurally damaged so it can no longer fulfill the important function of holding space for future adult teeth.

Since crowns restore a tooth to its correct size and shape, they are a good option in younger children who still have a long time to go until the baby tooth falls out. It is very important when possible to preserve the baby tooth in place until it falls out on its own to prevent issues with the adult tooth behind it.

What to expect when putting on dental crowns for baby teeth

While adult crown fittings can often require multiple trips to the dentist, children can have crowns put on during a single appointment. Since the procedure requires drilling of the tooth, some form of anesthetic is required. We review the all treatment options with the parents to come up with the best treatment plan to address the child’s dental needs.

To place the crown, the dentist will first remove any tooth decay and prepare the tooth for the cap with a drill. Next, the cap will be put in place with dental cement. Occasionally, a second visit may be required for an adjustment if the child doesn’t easily adapt to the fit of the crown.

Affordable dental crowns for kids

Medicaid and most insurance plans will cover the cost of a dental crown. Our team can help explain any costs you may have and all treatment options so you can make the best decision for you and your child.

Dental crowns for children are easier than you think. Call us to discuss how your child might benefit from a crown vs. other forms of treatment.