Community Partners

Partner with Us to Improve Children’s Health in Your Community

We strive to be actively involved in the communities where we practice, working with groups who are committed to providing education and health support to children—and their parents. Our Community Outreach team partners with social service agencies, schools, churches and others serving the needs of families to help ensure that all local kids have access to needed care. 

Provider Partnerships

We understand that not all dental and vision providers are equipped to care for children as young as six months or to handle a large volume of patients on Medicaid. That is why we are eager to forge relationships with pediatricians, dentists and optometrists in the markets we serve as a trusted referral partner. No provider wants to leave families in need without an option for care. Contact us to learn more about our offices in your area, so that when you encounter patients that you cannot serve in your practice, you can feel comfortable referring them to our offices.

If you are interested in partnering with us, complete the form below.