Eileen F. - Parent

So my son is 16 and I've been told he needed braces since his was 12. Yesterday I happened to pass by while on my way home and called to inquire. I do not have dental insurance that covers this particular dentist and the ones that do accept our insurance required a $500 down payment. I was told that $100 down would start him so I scheduled a consult for today. I am utterly amazed that after years of not being able because of costs to get my son the treatment he needed he finally has braces!!! The staff were EXTREMELY detailed in their explanation of treatment from financial all the way to the Dr. and all of the assistants. This place is amazing!! We got what we needed at a payment I can afford. They even gave him an ortho mouthpiece for football. The office is immaculate and the fact that everyone is super friendly is just toothpaste on the brush! We have found our new home for Ortho at least for the next two years!