Irad J.

I love this dental office for my sons!!! We have been coming here for years. The staff, the wait times, and the dentist are all awesome!!! First of all, it's a clean office and the rooms are decorated so creatively. And there is plenty of parking. Once you walk in, the front office staff, Dimdna and pretty much everyone else is absolutely awesome, great, courteous, and stellar! This office is in East LA so they cater to a Latino population and they are all bilingual and extremely helpful to English and Spanish speakers. Dimdna is so extremely stellar! She is attentive and helpful and even remembered my sons and commented on how much they had grown. Total connection with me! She totally knows how to connect with her patients! The Dental assistants are all great too. I only have Diana and Elvis's names but there are also guys who are all too awesome! They are so kind and almost even loving to the patients. Then Dr Mel. I LOVE HER! I will only have my sons see her. She is a sweetheart! She is smart and very thorough and honest. I had tried other dental offices but I felt they were just trying to charge as many services as possible. Not Dr Mel. She is completely honest in diagnosing anything. She is also friendly! And she too remembers my sons and chats with them and asks them about their lives. And the wait time is nothing! We are in and out in less than one hour. They just opened an adult clinic so I am trying them out as I type this review. So far, the front office staff is just as stellar as the paediatric office. Jessica, Gaby, and Cecy are great, courteous and friendly. I love this place and totally recommend it!!!