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9 Tips to Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay

  • Does My Child Need Glasses?

    How to tell if vision issues are impacting your child's behavior or performance at school.

  • Great Kids Deserve Great Care

    Hear from patients Bi and Ayo how the Adventure team helps them feel at ease.

  • Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for Your Child?

    How to tell if chewing gum is ok for your child.

  • Adventure DVO Rap

    Captain Smiles says, "Brush your teeth!"

  • Adventure DVO Rap (Spanish Version)

    Capitán sonríe dice, "¡Cepille sus dientes!"

  • Hero Dental Rap

    Captain Smiles says, "Brush your teeth!"

  • "You know you're getting a proper eye exam!"

    "The vision services here has been excellent!" 

  • "They care about you, they care about your family."

    "It's nice to be able to go into one place and get your vision done, get your dental done, eventually we are going to need ortho services to have that done too."


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Frequently asked questions

Do you see adults for orthodontics?

Many of our locations see adult patients for orthodontics! Adults love our friendly locations and our competitive pricing. To find out if a specific location takes adult patients in orthodontics, contact that location directly.

Still making a decision about braces? Browse these helpful resources:

Are Braces More Difficult for Adults?

Because their bones are harder and no longer growing, correcting alignment issues can take longer for adults than for children. There are a number of specific age-related issues that can impact adult orthodontic treatment such as bone loss, teeth wear, prior extractions, and pain in the jaw joint. Despite these concerns, more and more adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Schedule an orthodontic evaluation to determine the right treatment plan for you.

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Do I still have to get my teeth cleaned by the dentist during orthodontic treatment?

Yes. It is especially important to keep up with regular cleanings when you have braces. Even orthodontic patients who take great care of their teeth are likely to experience higher levels of plaque build-up. Kids with braces need to get dental cleanings and exams every six months or more as needed to keep the patients oral hygiene at its best. 

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Do you have colors for braces brackets?

Of course!  We have a full spectrum of colors to choose from. At each visit, patients can switch colors to suit their mood – some choose team colors, some prefer seasonal tones, other kids even opt for a different color on every tooth!

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What happens after my braces come off?

First we’ll celebrate your winning smile and compare your before and after photos! Then, you will be custom-fitted for a retainer. Although finishing braces is very exciting, teeth have good memories, and they will attempt to revert to their former positioning. This is why we monitor the patient for one year after we remove braces. We call this the retention phase and the patient must wear their retainer’s as instructed by the Orthodontist.  

What foods should my child avoid with braces?

Hard or crunchy foods can damage the braces appliances, so things like ice cubes, nuts, hard bread crusts, popcorn and even carrot sticks should be avoided. Sticky and gooey foods like caramel, taffy and many candies are also not good at all for braces because they can pull and break a wire or a bracket. Generally, foods high in sugar, starch and acidity should be limited throughout the course of orthodontic treatment. These foods contribute to tooth decay and since it’s harder to keep the mouth clean with braces, it’s best to be extra careful about what you eat. Kids with braces should rinse with water frequently, especially after any sugary foods or drinks. 

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