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The service is awesome with staff making sure your visit is a nurturing visit.

Because of your best interest is first. Yet the doctors and staff don't have lunch sometimes. Nonetheless,they always put their patients first. Thanks!! Excellent job. 

Hear from Robin how our team helps put her kids at ease.

Hear from patients Bi and Ayo about the experiences they've had with our caring team.

I have had bad experiences visiting the dentist in the past but this office is wonderful! They really helped me feel more comfortable about my visit and I can't wait to go back! Phenomenal customer service.

We have been coming here for a year and each visit has been great! Wonderful service and excellent care. The doctors and their staff are very knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommended!

Staff was so patient and understanding. They helped me understand what glasses my insurance will cover. One of the techs even recommend what glasses I should wear and fit my face best. Will definitely be coming back.

My granddaughter is a patient here. She talks about the visits for days after, especially playing on the slide and toy machines in the lobby. The staff is nice and make her feel comfortable so she isn't nervous at the dentist or optometrist. It is the place to go for patient-centered care.

I love the environment at this office. I took my one year old there and he got really good care. I loved the assistant that took care of us. She was very caring and attentive to our needs. Everyone knows that one year olds can be difficult to take anywhere, but she helped out a lot! Definitely will be coming back.

Amazing staff all the way around from dental, to ortho and last but not least vision! Every department works well with communication between scheduling not to mention my kiddos' treatment! Thank you Greeley office! We appreciate your hard work!